ACES Seth and Sam Levinson Remember Michael Weiner

michael weiner

MLBPA Executive Director Michael Weiner

ACES Seth and Sam Levinson remember Michael Weiner as a truly great man, and as one of the bona fide legends in the game.

Here’s what ACES Seth and Sam Levinson had to say about the MLBPA Executive Director’s passing at the age of 51:
“The world and the game lost a truly Great man. There was no man more responsible for the successes of the Players and the Game today than Michael Weiner. His brilliance, core values, and profound compassion enabled him to not just be a great leader and visionary but a sincere friend to all. We will forever miss his friendship. Our deepest sympathies and heartfelt condolences to Diane, his girls, family and friends.”

Reaction from around MLB has shown the rare affection Michael Weiner engendered — from journalists, players, agents and fans.

Ken Rosenthal called Weiner “remarkably courageous, remarkably kind.”

Former MLB All-Star Tony Clark, who will succeed Weiner as MLBPA Director, commented, “Words cannot describe the love and affection that the players have for Michael, nor can they describe the level of sadness we feel today. Not only has the game lost one of its most important and influential leaders in this generation, all involved in the game have lost a true friend.”

National League MVP Andrew McCutchen tweeted: “Michael Weiner worked even through his sickness. He didn’t look at it as an excuse to quit. He never gave up on us even when at his worst.”

Michael Weiner was beloved by all. The game has lost a giant.




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